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Mini Red Spark chain and Krepet

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I bought the Tiny Angry Chest mini, started the chain to get the Mini Red Spark.  Talked to Evan Gnashblade, no problem.  Krepet in Metrica, however, refuses to talk to me.  Tried the suggested logging in on another character, tried shutting game down, restarting.  Tried before and during an event, tried after the event.  Anyone have suggestions other than submit a ticket?

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8 minutes ago, Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:

From the Wiki:  I couldn't talk to Krepet even after trying with 3 different characters. I went back to Lion's Arch and talked to Evon again, and then Krepet was talkative and I was able to go on with the quest


Good luck.

I'll give it a try!  Thanks for the link

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