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Free to apply skins in inventory no longer show in wardrobe

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1 hour ago, circuitnerd.5863 said:

This has actually been a bug for a little while now. Skins that are in your inventory no longer show in the wardrobe under the inventory section. Even if you double click the skin in your inventory it still doesn't show. I keep making the mistake of using transmutation charges because of this. Please fix?

You need to manually unlock most skins for your Wardrobe by right-clicking and selecting the Unlock option. This has always been the case.

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It used to show the skin you had in your inventory in the wardrobe section. Once you had unlocked it, it would be placed into the regular list of skins. That's why there's an inventory section in the wardrobe. But as you can see, it shows nothing under it. As far as I can tell, this bug started when they added in the random customization option. 

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