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Mechanist Rework - Tool Belt and Signets


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Mechanist Rework Infographic

Core Engineer slot skills are underpowered without their corresponding tool belt skills. Mechanists should be able to use tool belt skills F1-F4 when the Jade Mech is inactive and Recall Mech/Crash Down should be moved to F5. This aligns with Scrapper and Holosmith where the elite specialization profession mechanic skill replaces F5. This would create more combat decisions, similar to weapon or pet swapping.

A Signet is a material that contains magic. In my opinion, Engineers should not use magic and therefore should not have Signets. Instead, Mechanists should have Command skills similar to a Ranger. Signet passive effects can be added to traits and the new Command skills will have corresponding tool belt skills.

My proposed tool belt skills tried to stay on theme with the Mechanist, but in general, they should provide ranged combat options for the player. With the new Mechanical Genius effect, melee combat is ideal when the Jade Mech is active to maximize damage. If an encounter forces you to attack from range, dismissing the Jade Mech and gaining access to tool belt skills may be the correct decision.

My proposed Command skills also provide ranged combat options when the Jade Mech is inactive. I imagine the inactive Jade Mech is in the air and can receive a command from a Mechanist headset to send down a:

1. repair bot for “Repair”

2. force field for “Deploy Barrier”

3. explosive blast for “Use the Force”

4. teleportation beam for “Evasive Maneuvers”

5. electrical bomb for “Discharge”

When the Jade Mech is active, Command skill effects would originate from the Jade Mech.

Thank you for reading and please critique my ideas if you have time.

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Theoretically, they could have Improved the mechanist substantially by giving the mech a turret mode that it can revert into when it's health is depleted or it is "swapped", granting it increased area control by turning it into a giant turret, possibly allowing it to synergise with experimental turrets when it is activated.

This would in effect add a whole other layer to the mech with alternate trait functions and command abilities as well as better allowing of the interaction of signet on mech or engineer gameplay

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Seems like a nightmare to balance, particularly the barrier and cleansing added on. Mechanist already has Shift Signet.

Instead of all that they could have mechanist traits do something when the mech is away (see J-Drive), for example if Barrier Engine had stronger barriers on mace while the mech is away. Mechanist already has ranged combat options, whether you run mainhand pistol, grenades, mortar kit, or rifle.

On top of that, adding a rudimentary underwater mech would go a long way.

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