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saltwater fish can kiss my donkey

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Is there any rhyme or reason why this node swims on superspeed!? I have capped mastery but cant eat any fishing food cause im on a lowbie. Any strategy to slow fish down? Does it even matter? Some this the fish I catch that dont fight are rare and the ones that do turn out being something stupid. If you lose your hook are you still catching the same fish thats giving you a hard time or is every cast RNG?

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Fishing is really a level 80 feature since the story step to unlock it with is lvl 80 content and the lowest fishing power areas are in Cantha because that's the intended place to start fishing. The lowest level fishing food is Whitefish Sushi (lvl 45) but eating any food will give you the mastery bonus (+100 FP) if you have trained it. In the Maguuma areas the recommended fishing power is 450–550. I completed the Saltwater Fisher achie in Rata Sum Port Authority area since there's no hostile mobs and enough saltwater fishing holes to keep fishing continually.

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