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Mesmer's Restorative Mantras Trait Text No Longer Reflects How It Functions After the Mantras Revert

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When mesmer mantras got reverted, restorative mantras also was reverted back to its older functionality where it only heals on the primary channel, but the text still reads that it heals when casting a mantra at any point. I tested it out in game to make sure, and it only works on the channel now, rendering mantra healing pretty much useless in PvE.

I was trying to put together a super interesting hybrid healer/dps virtuoso build for group play running Marshal's gear, so that's why I noticed it. I know this technically isn't a bug, but it for sure is confusing. The mantras probably just need a balance pass on top of rewording the text to match the skill, though. Healing on initial channel only is kinda...uneventful. And the heal is likely much weaker than it was before the initial mantra rework forever ago.

A minor oversight, but thought I'd share it so it won't go unnoticed. Sorry if someone already brought this up.

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How disappointing. I used to use the mantra heal on my virtuoso because I'm squishy and it really helped, seeing as I use a cleanse condi and stability mantra. I just bug reported this ingame that the healing on activation wasn't working for self or allies/other players. Makes the trait pretty kitten useless and I really don't want to have to dump the whole line but I may just have to seeing as my survivability without it has gone down a fair bit. Might be better off doing a meta-esque build with dueling.

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