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SAB: frequent disconnects again thiys year

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I spoke too soon when I praised the "polishing" done on this year's SAB. It's anything but smooth when it comes to connectivity.

Two levels, two disconnects today - one at the very end of 203 (which is a frikkin' long level), the second during 201.

Seriously, this has been an issue for many, many years. 🤬

When will checkpoints finally be saved so that you can continue from the last checkpoint when we get disconnected from a level??

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i been trying to get the blue infuion and have dc on the last cloud checkpoint (in w2z1) 3 times out of 10 when playing with a friend, what puzzles me why always happens on that spot...

interestingly enough after checking other threads about sab trib and disconnects this never happens to some player and to those that it does is usually on the same areas at the end...i wonder wut could be the reason...

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