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Condition build vs World Meta Question

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I've been running Berserkers since forever, now finally managed to get all vipers for my condi-scourge. XD

So I tried it and have a couple of clarifications/questions:

-Every tick I see from enemy (Bleed, Poison, Torment, Burn) = damage I do to them?

-How does condi affect world boss? I see there is a limit of like 50 stacks. Does it push "older" stacks everytime you apply it? How is this shared with other condi-damage done by other players?


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1) Yes. This is an accumulation of all stacks that you have applied. In reality, each stack is its own damage tick, and there is an option in the menu to Show Simple Condition Numbers. However, this will result in a LOT (and I mean a LOOOOOOT) of white numbers flying off enemies, as it's showing the damage of each and every stack as an individual white number the moment it deals its damage. The condensed Condition floater is the accumulation of all the damage that was dealt in one second added up into one number with a symbol next to it designating which condition source dealt that much damage. 

2) For world bosses, in the faraway past, the condition max stack used to be 25. This made condi builds extraordinarily BAD vs World bosses, as tons of skills incidentally applied conditions, even from power builds, that overwrote people who had condition damage in their build. However, this has long since been rectified as conditions can now stack, as above stated, to 1,500 per condition. Past 100 stacks visible, the stack effect will instead just show an (!) mark, but all conditions and their damage are still being applied. 

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