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【 NA】【 PvX 】3L00D34NK Enertainment [BDB]- Newish Guild Recruiting Newish Players!!

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【  NA】【  PvX  】3L00D34NK Enertainment [BDB] is a new guild in which we are building together from the ground up as we are relatively new to the game. We are an English speaking guild. We are looking to improve our numbers with new-ish players (Atleast Lvl 80) who enjoy being social, having fun, and are open-minded and mature. We just got our Guild Hall, and working towards upgrading it fully.


    We only request that you are a minimum of Lvl 80 and have a mic for Discord.






    We are running pretty much everything as we all need it, and when our times line up.



    Be Active, Have Patience, Be Social, Be Courteous, Treat Others with Respect, & Feel Free to Ask for Help



    Join the Discord Link: https://discord.gg/fxGVgRq6xV
    Reach out to myself FengShuiKai#6418 on Discord

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