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Rune of Guardian incorrect burn duration?

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right now, rune of guardian says "burn a foe for 1 second after blocking its attack. (Cooldown: 2 Seconds)"

I can't interpret it any other way than someone making a typo.

Even if you max out a build with condi dmg using something like Carrion stats, 1 second of burning does literally nothing to anything, not even the weakest of NPCs. You could make an argument that for example if you are blocking many attacks in rapid succession, such as with Warrior's shield when focused down by ranger with quickness, you could distribute many burns, but there's 2 seconds cooldown! So every two seconds, you burn a foe for 1 seconds. This is such a miniscule benefit that if it wasn't there on the rune, it would make 0 difference. 

Compare this to for example Rune of the Defender: "heal for 5% of your maximum health after blocking an attack. (Cooldown: 1 Second)"

Upon block, this rune will heal you for entire 5% of your total health, and has half the cooldown, just one second. That's crazy impactful compared to just mere second of burning every 2 seconds. 

I really suspect this is a bug, that it should not have been 1 second but 10 seconds or something. That someone forgot to add the 0 in.

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