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Unranked & Ranked locked for some people

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Today I heard some guys talking about Unranked/Ranked queues being locked for them.

They said they push the buttons but nothing happens, and there is no dishonor or anything listed under the queue buttons.

Then the same thing happened to me. I logged in at one point today and went to push Ranked queue and I received a message saying: "server couldn't do this or this" and now my Unranked/Ranked queue buttons are locked. I've logged out for long periods of time and logged back in, reset router, yada yada, nothing fixes it. I've never had this happen in the past. It's still letting me join ATs so I dunno what this is, it's not like the old bug that thinks you're stuck in an arena somewhere, cause it's letting me go into other arenas, just not Unranked/Ranked.

~ Heads up for Arenanet

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