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Minion persistence and their cooldowns during swaps

Bookah pls.9352

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Can we have this looked at? Like two examples here that can be very irritating and honestly don't really feel like they are appropriate in the context that it happens. 

  1. There are certain mechanics in pve where your minions are instantly removed and put on cooldown, things like dhuum greens and sloth shrooms, or any other sort of transform mechanic, these are you doing the mechanics of the fight properly yet you're actively punished for it by having them removed, why is this a thing exactly? Can totally understand it when a minion is killed, sure give it a cooldown, but should it really be a thing when you're doing the things you're supposed to be doing?
  2. Switching utilities from a minion skill to something else puts that skill on cooldown if the minion is active, regardless of if their on use skill is on cooldown or not,  there is no getting around this one, if you've been using flesh golem for cc and then want to go back to plaguelands or whatever it's instantly slapped on to cooldown because your golem is still alive, i could understand if the  minion is dead or even if  the minions active has been used but when it's alive and active is ready to be used the cooldown should be treated like other utility swaps, if i want to swap from spectral grasp to say epidemic its instantly available if grasp wasn't on cooldown, but if i had a shadow fiend out with haunt ready to be used i'm out of luck for 25 seconds purely because the minion was alive =/

If my minion was killed or if i was transformed due to failing a mechanic or something, (say like samarog pounce because really we shouldn't be getting pounced on as a non tank, but even that could become debatable if we got a future spec that was tank viable) then sure, by all means punish and remove the minions, but for it to happen when you're doing the correct things in a fight just plain sucks.

It would be such a small and subtle change but at the same time such a massive quality of life improvement if these two points were addressed. When your biggest cc is tied to a minion it's kinda annoying to be locked out of it when you might need it because of some janky under the hood coding, same for situational utility swapping.

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