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Core fresh air ele roaming and duels


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Even though catalyst is probably the strongest iteration of fresh air build, core feels very tight and enjoyable to play with the recent scepter rework ( also who doesn't love bonking people with tornado? )
In general I enjoy playing core builds when possible given ANET's recent elite specializations lacking in design, core builds can offer a lot of flexibility and non-meta gameplay. 
This is my first video, so the editing is a bit scuffed ( still learning ).
Not sure if 13minutes is too long, i cut a lot of like 30 minutes of  content since i want my next video to be FA tempest or catalyst rather than core.


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Well, you obviously have very fast fingers! In use, core FA ele is one of those things that is almost equal parts satisfaction and frustration. Satisfaction of course when you win, because it takes a fair bit of work to win. Frustrating, because I would lose many fights. 


I remember dying. A lot. This was many years ago, pre-scepter changes (when the Dragon's Tooth was neither what it is now, nor ground-targeted, so that and Phoenix really relied on Air 5 CC for setting up the burst) , and I used something similar with a few trait differences (eg. Blinding ashes and burn on crit, before they nerfed those even further), and skill differences (eg. Arcane wave instead of Shield to get more burst damage), and Signet for heal (because the build was so flat-out aggressive, it didn't even have time to heal).


Basically, the first 10-15 seconds decides who will win the fight. It was bursty enough to give an edge against glass builds, even thieves, that I otherwise had trouble dealing with. Unfortunately most warriors just out healed my bursts with their Signet and Adren health plus kiting. 


It had zero stunbreaks and Lightning Flash was a means to reposition to avoid bursts while stunned, rather than actually breaking out of it to get away. 


Anyway. Fun times. I'm older and slower now, so I could never play a build like that. The game has actually been around for that long. Fancy that. 

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Thanks buddy. Honestly what you describe playing sounds so much harder than current core fa. But yeah it definitely feels good beating the meta roamer specs with core.

As for the game being out for a long time I agree hahaha. Myself I spent around 15 years playing WoW before finally switching to GW2 at around 2020. I know what you mean 🙂

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