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Anet, did you stealth nerf Berserker damage again?

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8 hours ago, Azure The Heartless.3261 said:

I used to hit 6.5k decapitates on glass players while running glass myself, but now I'm hitting 5.7k ish on glass. Am I imagining things?

Could it be that person you thought was glass took a different rune, or a traitline that gave some extra toughness or damage reduction? Or possible there were more vuln stacks on those 6.5k decaps?

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15 hours ago, Riba.3271 said:

Damage has 10% variations (see your weapon strength). I imagine the rest are from a trait or divinity runes.

They removed the variation in sPvP a while back. Weapons now deal a specific amount of damage every time.

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