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SAB Super Adventurer's Quest Bug/Issue? (Not progressing)


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I'm trying to complete the SAB Super Adventurer's Quest where you "find secret items in the Adventure Box to trade your way to a new upgrade." Wiki page: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Super_Adventurer's_Quest . At some point in time I have already completed the first item, the Extra Tiara, since it shows already collected in the achievement tab. I don't remember doing this, but I'm sure I did at some point in previous years. The next item, Auspicious Hat, is collected by speaking to the Fancy Proprietor in Furniture Shop #1, which is the hidden Furniture Shop under the maze with all the spikes and bombs, or at least according to the wiki. I have tried speaking to this Fancy Proprietor within this shop and nothing is happening. I have even went back to the top of the tree and used 'dig' to see if I could recollect the Auspicious Hat in case the achievement requires it for some reason, but no hat when I dig. Any ideas on what's going on? Thanks!

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The one under the maze is actually room #2.  The one you want is between checkpoints 2 and 3 on the cliff to your left when standing at checkpoint 2.  Use the boost from checkpoint three to reverse course and jump on to the tree just before checkpoint 3 and back track across the ledges and trees to the cave.  The clue says "furniture shop" but it really is not. 

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