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Condi Renegade runes/sigils


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So, I made an condi Renegade, and now I'm wondering what runes to add to my gear. Also what sigils to add to my primary(short bow) and secondary(mace/sword) weapons set. I think that Superior Rune of Balthazar is good or even Superior Rune of the Krait. But I like to hear your opinion on this. Also any suggestions on sigils is good, cuz I just turn lvl 80 and I want to do open world quests and LW s1-5. Thanks!

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* Nightmare runes: probably the best set for offensive Renevant builds based on condition damage. Do require Dungeon tokens so you'll need to either do them of complete Dungeon reward tracks in PvP/WvW to get those.

* Tormenting runes: bring strong condi damage along considerable sustain; they were nerfed but are still powerful (and expensive!).

* Fireworks runes: an all around mighty choice which provides damage enhancements to both condi and physical builds, valuable boons, boon duratioon and a 25% increase in movement pace. More suited to hybrid builds, but quite affordable.

* Eagle and Pack runes: very good for physical damage builds which could want a bit of precission, but usually power Rev doesn't need them to cap crit chance. Unexpensive.

*Strength runes: a cheap alternative to Scholar for power builds.

* Krait runes:  a good placeholder until you have Nightmare.


   I'm all about Balthazar in condi builds for Guardians and Eles, but I don't think that Rev access and stacks of burns is that good to make them your main choice.


   There's mostly two routes here: you can go for Bursting and Malice to buff all your condition damage and condition duration or you can chose sigils which proc condis on weapon and legend swaps, as Doom, Geomancy or Hydromancy (that last one only with Abysal Chill). For hybrid builds Earth, Blight and Torment work well. For power Force, Battle, Cleansing and Energy are common choices. 

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On 4/5/2023 at 3:55 PM, Pyroghor.6394 said:

condi Renegade

Depends on what stats you run. For open world custom build use gw2skills.net and build it how you like. 

Any rune with general condi damage will be ok, so no krait or Baltazar. And for sigil just tormenting and bursting on bow, you will probably not even swap weapon often. 

You can also take easy way: take raid build from meta battle website and replace demon trait line for Ventary 3-2-2 to compensate for squishy stats. 

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As the first answer said, Nightmare are the best option. 

Krait, balthazar and torment will give you 50% more duration of Bleed, fire and tormenting, respectivelly, but Condi renegade damage its not focused in a single condition. Nightmare will give you 20% in everithing.

Trapper could be the second best, will give you the same condition damage as nightmare but 15% condition duration (6th bomus is wasted).

As for sigils, pick Torment/geomancy for your shortbow (torment is actually expensive so you can try malice) and pick Doom/earth for mace/axe.

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