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SPVP: Burnzerker Build (nothing new but seems to play pretty well currently)


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Not a unique build by any means but been having solid results with this so far.


Build: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwAMx/lNwWYNsQmJeOX9tVA-zZwKkEqgITgeDBHGAA


This build is mainly for team fights and holding mid, but you can outduel and hold nodes vs quite a few specs with this . I wouldn't advise roaming a lot due to the low movement speed beyond our two leap skills.
Strong vs All warrior specs, All Mesmer specs, Most Ranger specs, And most Engi Specs

Okay vs thieves (cept for DE), Revenants, Guardians

Weak vs Necro's high hp pool, and eles with projectile reflect.


Swap out the rabid amulet for a carrion if you expect to fight more condi focused builds.


Give it a shot I promise it's better than you think.








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