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Best Greatsword skin for Reaper


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This is kinda atypical, but I found Lorekeeper Greatsword to be almost perfect thanks to its golden effect mixed with the dark-green effect of Reaper's skills (especially skill 2), extremely beautiful combination imho.

Still, it's not so darkish I guess, I don't think this will fit good on you. You can try Dark Matter Greatsword for the ultimate dark Reaper.

P.S. Maybe it's just me, but I can see only the first link you posted (the one with Menzies's Agony, great skin btw, with a nice lore too), the others lead me to empty windows ūüėē

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Well it depends on the look of your Necro no?

For example I got a greenish black Necro. I'd pair something dark with that look.

Then I got a black gentleman outfit on my main Necro and the other half of it's wardrobe is white/golden like a prince, and I'm thinking about giving that prince appearance the porcelain GS skin.

For the dark look i like using my legendary gen 1 dark GS skin. It's good looking (not like gen2 torch for example) and fits the dark theme.

But if your Charakter isn't purely black, you might consider something like dark matter skins, or the dark fractal ones

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