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Strange Question: Big Damage Skills


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I wish to know, for reasons, what is the profession/specialization that can do the biggest amount of damage with less skills (considering a full dps build).

I mean, I'm curious to know which spec can deal great amounts of damage with few, well placed, skills; I don't care about the overall situation nor the total dps.

Basically I'm looking for the profession that can do the most damage with the less skills compared to other professions.


P.S. I know that I repeated myself, I just wanted to be clear (I'm not used to speaking in english outside Gw2 so I can made mistakes)

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  • Val.7826 changed the title to Strange Question: Big Damage Skills

The bigest numbers:

On a single hit, in PvE, it gotta be Bladesworn.

With some channeled skills in PvE, I'd tentatively say Soulbeast. (Theoretically it should be warrior's whirling axe but somehow I do have the feeling that soulbeast's whirling defense can outdo it)



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