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Tresure Hunter Protocol Bugs

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I've noticed two minor bugs regarding the Tresure Hunter Protocol, the first one is about the Icebound Chests in Bitterfrost Frontier. Aparently these chests apear on the minimap when they are frozen over, regardless if they've been opened or not, which can sometimes lead to some confusion on which one's have been opened already based on the minimap. 

The second one is more universal and it regards the skyscale rifts. in this case the Tresure Hunter Protocol detects the last node of rift as a chest, and it makes it apper on the minimap as such, which can honestly fool people into thinking that there's a chest somewhere above them, but ofcourse upon further inspection there's abosultely nothing there. I understand that the node is considered a chest, but showing it on the minimap without interacting with the first node is a bit odd.

I know both of these are very suttle, but they are there.

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