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Long hair asura

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Just now, SoupER.5920 said:

unfortunately I lost the person that had it

Then at least more details about how it looked would be useful. Could just be long hair of the character. Or maybe something like Decades armor with its pseudo-ponytail.

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She had a face helmet, with  blonde long hair going  down hair back, and  a pony  tail, that's flowing on top of the hair, not really pony tail, but sits on the hair, but it's separated. I'm not good at explaining it unfortunately. I was  hoping you know helmets that have a unique hairstyle.

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4 hours ago, Danikat.8537 said:

By 'face helmet' do you mean one which covers her face? If so it was probably this: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Luminous_armor_(heavy)#Asura

Here's some others which also have a ponytail:

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately these aren't it. But I appreciate your time

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