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Concert event in Grothmar Valley


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I have been playing for a bit and have never done events much in this zone. I decided to do some dailies in this area and was directed to do the concert. So I did the event and I have to say.........to the person/team that designed that event..............HELL YES!!!! Doing it for the first time I kept laughing the whole time. I had a great time and have since then done it several more times. That event is awesome.


Other events are more serious dealing with world events..................then came the Concert. Oh yes, loved it.


Thank you

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I don't know if it's still popular nowadays, but when the map was released, the concert was very fun indeed. Those mini events during the concert, like the crowd jumping, are great when you have a lot of people around. I also often bring it as example of how ArenaNet cares about immersion: those Charr that leave their business to slowly walk to the top of the hill to attend the concert, and then come back to their activities, compared to MMOs like FFIXV (but not only), where NPCs just disappear to instantly teleport somewhere else.

I'm glad if there are still enough players to enjoy the meta.

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