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Fractal recommended dailies 75 35 24 is not a good sequence

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As topic goes, recs 75 35 and 24 is not good. It doesn't feel worth doing; the sequence takes too long. Especially when matched with daily sunqua peak, I just wish to not do the dailies at all (and I've been doing them almost every day for 3 years now).

The other sequence with 75 (,something, 14) is not great either but at least it doesn't have 24 and solid ocean.

Can 75,35,24 be removed from the pool of daily recs? Or replace 75 with literally anything else?

Also works for me if 75 gets shortened (remove pointless waiting and monologues) but there have been topics about this.

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I'd say its time for a break. Everything melts in fractals and does not come close to what it was years ago.

Now most pugs I join just feel like the speed runs I had years ago with good teams.

With the content cleared so fast and you already doing this for the 1000x times it is somehow normal to have ADHD moments.

Do not try to turn the game into a speed run  ....take the time to enjoy. Maybe other game modes or even a class change from time to time can help.

The waiting parts can be used to get a cup of tea, roll one to smoke, empty the inventory etc .

Also when you have too much "I" in the problem, try to understand that life does not mold after your expectations.

PS: do not forget we joined to have our minds excited by the games we play, repeating daily stuff can make one feel like doing a job 

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