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Gathering Titles

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Man, I like this idea. I'd love to see more titles just in general, but definitely for things people will naturally do while playing for a while. Some thoughts for gathering:

Ground Pounder <-- (This one is an achievement currently, but not a title)
What's Yours Is Mine
Ready Ore Not
Gold Digger

The Root Of The Problem

Speaks For The Trees
Can't See The Forest
Logged In
Barks And Bites
Sticks Around

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True. But they require going around different regions, using specific baits at specific times/places and doing something more than merely pressing F to gather. While I get where your initial association for this comparison comes from... it doesn't really seem to be as comparable as you might think? 😄

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5 hours ago, Super Hayes.6890 said:

I mean, we have titles for fishing 🤷‍♂️

Oh no, now in addition to imagining the achievements would require thousands of gathers another possibility -- RNG collections that also account for time of day and map zone to get, like, different types of leaves, fruits, and flowers from plants, rock samples, nuts and stuff. The horror....

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