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Suggestion : Allow us to trade Fancy Furniture Coins for baubles/bubbles.


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These things are useless to anyone that doesn't have a guild hall, or anyone that doesn't feel like filling said guild hall with Super Clouds or making the other stuff that requires them.


Since they apparently cost 25 baubles to buy from the merchant (once unlocked), I figure having the option to trade them for that many apiece is fair.

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I always have more guild decorations to make but I absolutely agree.  Let us exchange them.   Not everyone contributes to a guild, not everyone is even part of one, and especially if you're working on getting some of the other items and want every bauble you can obtain.  

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Would not be  a bad idea. Maybe lower price for selling it to the vendor and not 25 - then it would still a good way for players that don't need it ... to get something useful. I am only doing the furniture vendor near the gllitch thing in W2Z2 (since I go there anyways for the glitch) ... and still some work to manually click them into the guild. (Would also love to see an option to add more than one. Must be some kind of annoying sescurity feature to only allow to add them 1 by 1.)

I spam them to my solo guild ... in case I get into the mood to do something - so I have some resources ready.

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