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Help Claiming IoR?

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You might try posting in LFG (not exactly sure where but maybe one of the EoD sub-groups?). If you're not having any luck can even try offering a few gold to everyone who helps. You should only need a group of about 5 players (4 dps/1 support).


PRO TIP: Skip the Further Exploration upgrade in this guildhall. It literally adds NOTHING to the guildhall and costs a LOT of resources.

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Guild halls can be solod. Needs a good build (and might not be possible on every profession) - and maybe a better/experienced player though. I saw someone doing it as holosmith for Lost Precipe when I barely managed it with the (PVE-stronger) mechanist last year (before some nerfs got applied to mecha).

Other than that ... the lfg guild category or the map section for where the portal to the guild hall is ... would be best to try. (I think in Seitung it connects to IoR?) Map chat ... might work after a meta - on a meta map where lots of players are. Or before the meta ends (and before players leave). They might still have time to spare -and if a few good players join I doubt it would take long to complete the events for claiming the guild hall.

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