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SMC, Infinite Self hairstyle kit, or inf. Gathering tools?

SMC or Infinite Self Hairstyle, or Inf gathering tools?  

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  1. 1. What would you do?

    • SMC for the good of the masses
    • Oh, Defo Infinite Self Hairstyle Kit
    • Infinite Gathering Tools
    • Your Choice
    • Potato

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Here's a fun, and probably unusual question.

I know that most people will probably say that ultimately it's up to me, but I want to know your opinions;  which by the way, is valuable to me, otherwise I wouldn't be asking.


So, what do you think?

Shall I save for the Infinite Self Hairstyle contract, which will probably take an eternity? 😂

Infinite gathering tools?

... or level up my guild to be able to unlock capturing of stonemist castle?



I really want the first item, as I change my character's look very often.

However, WvW is my favourite game mode after PVE, and so being able to cap SMC is an advantage for everyone in the team. 

Though, up until now, only occured once no one having the cap unlocked.

99% of time someone will be in a guild that has it.

The Infinite gathering tools are probably the most useful.


Your opinion please. 


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  • SoulGuardian.6203 changed the title to SMC, Infinite Self hairstyle kit, or inf. Gathering tools?

Yes it definitely depends on you at the end but WvW upgrade seems the most useless atm, why? Because there is simply always someone with upgrades who can claim it, you can have only one object claimed for your guild anyway, also when you want to claim it and be first in queue you have to have majority of players from your guild, if you are not, 99% of the time its claimed by the first guild. 

If the look matters to you more than QoL, then go for hair kit.
Idk what all upgrades you have but as someone above said, none of those would be the first thing to get, For me it would be bank, storage, bags, maybe some char slots, few shared slots and then infinite tools maybe, if you play more characters you will want shared slots for those tools anyway.

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It really is up to you of course but if you want other's opinions, here's mine. I have all three and I would very much rate the infinite tools as the practical priority, then the perm hairstyling as a fun item, with SMC as last on this particular list because, as you've pointed out yourself, there is almost always someone who can claim it.

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