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Petition to swap Scavenger's Burst animation with Tree Song's


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Or even make them the same one. Scavenger's animation is one the most used and generic ones, while Tree's is much more unique and satisfying when seen.

Sadly, Luxon skills are much more often used than Kurzick's, and so I would rather have the pretty animation on the more used skill. Thoughts?

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3 hours ago, Knighthonor.4061 said:

I use Kurzick more. wow maybe I been playing it wrong. lol

I mean, I'm happy you're enjoying the animation, but I just want to enjoy it too more while going full Power/Quickness in OpenWorld 😁

I just can't unsee it, I don't know what other skill or profession uses Tree Song's one, but Scavenger's is just the most generic and overused thing I've seen... It's used in literally every Renegade utility skill + Heroic command,  and also in Herald's True Nature and Infuse Light. So when I saw Tree Song I felt a ray of hope of new and fresh animations for our profession.

Please, if someone from ANet is reading this, I assure you no one will miss current Scavenger animation, and you'll fulfill a fellow Revenant player's dream 🥲

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