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[WvW] - Top 3 Celestial Builds for Small Scale? - Discussion post.


[WvW] - Top 3 Celestial Builds for Small Scale?  

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  1. 1. What build deservers 3rd place?

    • Shout Berserker - http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKAFw8VaYZCMM2FTkZiJ3lfbF-z1IY14PEcmF6/tAA-w
    • Fallen Angle Herald - http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmABw6lflxQKMPyi1RXMOCjRSiMCqgjqUa7F-z1IY14/UiUEkpCoThQvSAJPL0/bBA-w
    • Shortbow Renegade - http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmgAUZldQMMHyj1QdsHij9RksAigluU7bD-z1IY1o6vQCrAiMByMC6NEYh+pNA-w
    • Sustain Soulbeast - http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POABwid/lFwCZYsH2JeKXfPrCWlA-z1IY14/EU6sQ/0GA-w
    • Other - Did I miss any good ones? Comment below.

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In what sense? Are we talking about small scale PUG fights (ie. Could be a bunch of roamers just getting together temporarily) or being part of an organised group that is all in Discord? 


For example, you won't necessarily want to run cele Tempest or Spellbreaker, or condi immob druid or staff daredevil in the first instance, but could do so in the second. 


And if talking about the first instance, you may run cele Harb, Renegade or Catalyst. 


Difference here is that if it's a PUG group, you're rarely pushing as one. And you need to be very strong on your own when roaming solo outside the group, or singled out in a fight. Don't count on getting a res if you go down. 


If it's organised group in Discord, you're looking for something that gets stronger as your group size (and enemy group size) increases towards the aoe limit. Aoe boonstrip/corrupts/removal for example. You also rely on each other for your support and sustain, and if you slip up, getting a rez is also much more reliable. 

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http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiwAYt3llysYKsK2IeqT6xKA-z1IY1o+/QyUV1rQsmJiF/Eh4vF2M2AA-w   I use a few different foods depending if I'm roaming to build golems, or frontline pushing with a small zerg.  I have used this setup since Virtuoso was new, and I love how well it tanks, heals, cleanses, and has stability in sub-squads because it's not a selfish build.  This setup fits into groups because it provides two uses or more of stability on a decent cooldown, two uses of cleanse, and both skills heal the sub-squad at the same time.  This isn't a full healer in minstrel's gear, but it could be.  This isn't a full-condition or power setup, but it could be.  Hybrid celestial builds aren't a blight on the format, they're a decent way of being able to plug and play gamers into roles without forcing compositions or builds in order to fill enough slots in the squad with "needed" roles.  You don't have to use the elite skill to moa some moa, but you don't have to build golems with capped supply either.   I also swap to [Illusionary Inspiration] instead of [Blurred Inscriptions] to give more heals when needed.  You heal nicely while rezzing also.  


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trait swap for heals
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this deadeye build is just sick. no need to worry about dieing. there are only targets and this build. you will never die! have fun


this might use dura runes. play with the runes, you will get it.

maybe rune of thorns because of all the poison

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41 minutes ago, oatsnjuices.1698 said:

it hits hard enough, and has a 4 second knock down. there are allot of this de on nsp et link.

Honestly, surprised it would hit hard enough. I run 50-50 Marauder and Zerk, crit on virtually every hit, and even then I want more damage. With DE I'm always trying to end the fight as quick as possible, so drawing out the fight with celestial is different. In practice, it gets erased by Sic 'em soulbeast, one-shot mesmer combos from stealth...even a good druid, spellbreaker, catalyst, willbender will give DE quite a few issues sometimes having enough ability to outsustain power DE, let alone celestial.


There's a few more interesting things in that build that I'm not quite getting.


If using Potent Poison and celestial, why not Leeching Venoms? Deadly Ambition works on your d/p setup only, so are we using Shadow Shot often enough? Or is this a point-blank type playstyle using Shadow Meld to trigger rune bonus 6? Sigil of Paralyzation with no easy source of stun?

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Harbinger, Specter and Virtuoso in can give you all condis in the game with 1 button and they have enough boons to make cele useful on them...


the funny thing about harbinger is that even if you meet someone else playing condi you just kill them with their own condis with staff 4, dagger 4 and Plague Sending


Specter has so much mobility that it's impossible to die... and if for virtuoso everyone only sees Block Block Block  Invulnerable Invulnerable Invulnerable Invulnerable Invulnerable Evade Invulnerable Invulnerable Invulnerable Block Block Block Block Invulnerable Invulnerable Invulnerable Invulnerable and if someone actually manages to hit you you can just stealth and leave...

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Super easy to pick up and learn goes to cele harbinger and willbender. As much as I don't like those 2 elite specs at least it will get newcomers interested in the game. I know if I was a newbie to wvw and I had access to super fast mobility and big numbers when attacking I would be hooked to the game 😆

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5 hours ago, asterix.9614 said:

Super easy to pick up and learn goes to cele harbinger and willbender. As much as I don't like those 2 elite specs at least it will get newcomers interested in the game. I know if I was a newbie to wvw and I had access to super fast mobility and big numbers when attacking I would be hooked to the game 😆

Willbender, still seeing people not seeing the marks since people are so used to rings. Fighting a group that had one yesterday while on a War with a guildmate and saw guildy go down. WB tried to hit us both, dodged out of their aoe and saw guildy go down. They asked what hit them, I told them they stood in the AOE, they said what AOE, there weren't rings on me. Sent Wil home and got guildy up but again I think people need to play WB more so they get used to the tells on top of anything else. Still not finding them an issue using most toons. That said they do fit easy in boon balls (but most classes/elites do), can roam and do small scale. Do I think they replace other guards in zerg/large scale, need someone that uses it that way to say that.

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