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Servers seem unstable recently connecting to EU servers from NA region

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So I live in NA but play on the EU datacenter for social reasons. This does mean that I never have ping less than about 170ms, but the connection is usually very stable, with no significant spikes or disconnecting issues. However, in the last week, I have periodically been disconnected and booted to the character select screen, usually a few times in a row over the course of a few minutes. Occasionally, it also seems to try to move me to the location I was in up to a minute before I disconnected, even if I had used skills or sent messages since then. No other applications are affected, including streaming video, and the other NA-to-EU friends I play with have been experiencing similar issues, but my European friends (with lower ping) have been unaffected. This only seems to happen after about 8PM PDT. I'm wondering if other high-ping EU players have been experiencing similar issues?

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i play on eu from asia and yes there are similar problems here. i'm putting part of the blame with my isp though.


add - /clientport 443 /mapLoadinfo - to your gw2 shortcut. take in-game screenshots whenever the map loads and use winmtr or similar to see where the problem with your connection to the server might be. if you use arcdps make sure to have "metric" ticked and see how often you get non-white R values.

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