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Most efficient way for gaining karma?

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me and my girlfriend are currently grinding map currencies for the last stage of Skyscale collection. I play since the beginning of GW2 so I have accumulated huge amounts of karma, but she just started a year or two ago and she already spent everything she got (we are both really casual players and play few hours a week). We need karma to buy map currencies, so I was wondering if anyone can suggest which meta events are best for karma "farming", taking into consideration time invested, fun and karma gain-ratio? Or if there are even more efficient ways to gain more karma with less grinding?




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Don’t spend much karma on map-currencies, do the „return to“ achievements they give you on tier 3 (of 4) 250 map currency for every ls4 map.

another possibility is do IBS strikes, they give a lot ice-shards that can be used to buy ls4 currencies, on dragonfall spawn you can also buy all ls4-map currencies for volatile magic.

If I would have to farm karma, I would probably try: Dragonfall farm train, Dizzlewood Coast (esp. Nord) farm train or Silverwastes. They all have many events without much breaks. But I never had to (like you) so I never really calculated whats best. Another thing is the WvW-Karmatrain 😄, i.e. join (or build) a zerg that flips WvW-objectives fast outside primetime. On my world there e.g. is a "breakfast"-Train, that does so. on others there are nighttrains.

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When I got my Skyscale I planned in advance. Since I also tried to complete most of the major achievements related to season 4 and it's maps ... I already spent some time there and could gather map currency which I did not spend elsewhere cause I knew I'd need it.

There are also the karmic retribution things on those maps. (That cost a lot of unbound magic. Season 3 has it similar for volatile magic.) Soo ... probably not the best suggestion for someone that wants the currency just quickly - and when the time to play is limited to a few hours per week.

I would suggest a mix of playing a bit on the map (maybe some maps - and not all of them) ... gathering a bit yourself. Then buying the remaining stuff with karma. But of course try the return to achievements first - they give a lot. And you can finishe some of that achievements then. (Which you later might want ot do anyways for the legendary amulet.)

Also try to do your dailies where possible and where it does not require you to go out of your regular playstyle. (Like ... the normal dailies for your 2g and the season 4 daily on the map that is on rotation. For some extra currency from that chests + karma from the daily achievement chests.) If you really want to do a lot of events use boosters like Sobx suggested.

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  Also, get an ascended amulet from any of the Season 3, 4 or Icebrood Saga maps and put a karmic infusion from WvW in the slot for your main character. I wouldn't worry too much about specific was to farm karma, since even without doing instanced content I get plenty just playing everytrhing else and I'm constantly spending ~50k karma in accesories from the Bjora Marches map.

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