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Idea to make Specter Supp viable in Zerg v Zerg


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Hey! I've been discussing with some friends about the specter support, and to be honest it need little changes to make it viable in Zerg v Zerg without affecting that much other playstyles.

Specter  supp WvW changes:

Specter traits:
2 spectres cannot have the same guy linked

Second opinion (this would be the principal part to make it viable in Zerg v Zerg as supp):
makes you able to connect to up to 4 extra people next to your main f1 target (prioricing your party) so you can be link with 5pp

Amplified Siphoning 
a 50% of the barrier you give is mirror to anyone connected to you 
u mirror the boons u recibe with 20% durations to pp linked to you (we lost mirror boons while ago with the change to the mesmer seal but i think was a cool mechanic)

Hungering Darkness
Now remove 1 extra condition to you for each target u have linked to you. 

Panaku's Ambition:
now also give regen when u give stealth to allies and give yourself regen when strike with a stealth attack

weapon scepter 3 with pistol offhand (Measured Shot): 
the shadowstep now removes 1 movement imparment condition 5 ally around the ally target (the counterpart of the inmobilize to enemies)
the beam now give barriers to max 5 targets between you and your ally

Shroud 2 (Grasping Shadows)
Now removes 2 condition per trick instead of 1

Shadow Arts:
Shadow saviour - (extra for scepter (similar to the trait that changes with mechanist in engi)) if the ally is linked to u it breaks stun

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I'm not totally disagreeing but some of that sounds super strong and I want to say problematic. Right now, I can help the driver or one of their key core group plow through a lot and if that clutch player is staying up and also on the offense, that's usually enough contribution to what keeps the group or squad rolling.

With a good rotation, I'm giving off group barrier and supplemental heals on top of the big heal on a mostly tight cycle, although giving group stealth might have one or two steps that can be cut out. 

The use of space with Shadow steps, including Wells, and Shroud 3, are basically how we learn to walk again as Specter. You should be leaving a trail of shadowstep splash downs around the area responding to or getting ahead of stuff. Linking up multiple Tethers might take out some of the need for that dynamic.  

It sounds alright if you change some things that might not be changeable right now.

 - You might have to cut down on Rot Wallow Venom because that's basically consistent from start to finish and stacked up with that many people could get brutal. Making one of them the Dragon Banner to weaponize could get wild also. 

- You might have to scrap Sanctuary Runes. That set with a few trait and maybe sigil changes are already strong on a group scale (with a dip in condi damage though). I could see that causing an immediate game update. 

I like your write up and there's good ideas looking at the right stuff in there and I'd just adjust for keeping upscale in mind. I would definitely add better radius for Grasping Shadow and Dawn's Repose <- always gotta throw that one in somewhere. 

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