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Launcher not remembering password or account name. Also, no auto-log in?

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Hello all,


So I'm having this issue where the launcher never remembers my password. I am wondering if this is a bug of some sort or if it is by design? 
Also, for some reason the download never finishes. It always hangs around 63-72% and if I close and reopen the application it restarts from zero. Is this also a bug? 
Another thing, is there no way to set the launcher to remember my credentials so I don't have to log in every time I go to play the game? Is this happening because the installation will not complete?
Also, I am new to GW2 and I am sorry if these are known issues but I couldn't find anything on them searching the forums and searching the google machine just brought up results that are from many years ago.

Any help or insight with any of these issues / mild annoyances would be greatly appreciated! 

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Are you sure the launcher is not remembering your password?  It will only display six asterisks when it does remember.  Though, there is a current bug where it does not remember the Account Name periodically, but always remembers the password (if  'Remember Password' is ticked).

You must always log in to play the game, unless you leave it running at all times.

There is also a current issue with the download.  Several threads address the issue in the 'Support' forums. 

And from the Knowledge Base:  https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/230665807-Problems-Downloading-or-Patching



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