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Altered Perception [MIND] PvX ➜ NA (Strikes, Raids, WvW, Trainings,) All welcome!


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      Altered Perception [MIND] is a newly formed guild recruiting members of all levels!  If you're looking for a level headed guild where everyone works together then we want you! This is primarily a North American guild, however, there are members who are located around the world and across many timezones. We do strike missions and world bosses/metas every day and weekly events for raid trainings, WvW zergs, and guild missions. I encourage everyone to join our discord server and hang out with us, it also makes the missions easier. Our link to the server can be found in the message of the day in game. 


      There are no requirements to be apart of our guild,  All that I ask is to try and be interactive whether it be through chat, joining for events, or just chilling in the discord sometimes and doing your own thing.  This goes without saying but please also be kind and show respect to everyone.  If you're interested please feel free to leave a message in this forum post or contact HalfGram.3852 by in game mail. 

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