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Missing "dye" in dye names

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Hello, I just noticed that some dye are missing word "dye" at the end of its name so for example with most dyes you see name like "Resolution dye" but there are some that does not have it. I noticed it with following dyes: Bloodstone Coral, Bloodstone Violet, Bloodstone Dark Coral, Bloodstone Dark Violet, Bloodstone Dark Indigo, Bloodstone Indigo.


It may see like a little thing but it is pretty annoying, whenever you search for "dye" by typing it into tp or inventory, you will not see those mentioned. You can say that you can search by clicking to "dye" category which is true but you can not do that when you wanna search it in your selling or buying list or in your inventory. Besides, it makes it look inconsistent again. 

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