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Best Order for an Asura Revenant? (Whispers or Vigil)


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I am currently doing a run with my new Asura Revenant, but I have been wondering what path should I take for when the time to join an Order comes. I already have an Asura Elementalist from Dynamics who went with the VAL-A Golem and joined the Priory so I would love for this to be different. The current path I am taking with the character was: Synergetics and Infinity Ball, now I am almost 30 and I am not sure what order I should go with.

The overall style of the character is that he is a Mist Explorer who was training as a Necro but during his travels got involved with the Legends and began channeling his magic inwards, thus becoming a Revenant, his studies are based on the energies of the Mist then and the alternate timelines that exist in them, he is tech savy but is not a focus of his and prefers making smaller, simpler inventions rather than large and impressive ones other than his portals so he doesn't care much for Golems. In terms of personality he is a bit of a gentle giant (As giant as an Asura can be) but someone who believes actions can change the world more than inventions (He is still an inventor of gadgets but prefers to do things physically).

I am wondering where he would fit more and depending on that I will make my Statics Asura the opposing factions. My plan is to eventually do all questlines with diferences between them.

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Hard to say. I'd probably lean towards Whispers having more interest in the Mists of the two orders, but in the GW2 period, that's still not really a strong focus. It really kinda depends on which sort of action that your character believes is important. The Vigil is pretty direct in what they do - fighting threats head on, providing direct charity, and so on. The Order of Whispers, on the other hand, is more political in nature - they're looking to change the course of nations, and they can often be a bit underhanded in how they accomplish that. So their actions are usually less visible than the Vigil, but often have a broader impact on the world. (Note that this doesn't mean that the Vigil has never been involved in steering politics - they have - but it's less of a focus.)

So the question you could possibly be asking is: does your character want to be seen while acting and, in turn, to see the results of their actions directly? Then they'd probably go with the Vigil. Or are they more concerned with the overall effect on the world, even if they aren't known to have had that impact or they might never see the full outcome of their actions? Then the Order of Whispers might be more suitable.

Of course, if you've played through the story before, you'd know that order choice doesn't really matter after a particular point in the story, but from a character personality perspective it does say something about the character's values. Hope this helps!

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