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More Edge of the Mists Arenas and/or instance creation PLEASE


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For the love of all that is sacred please just add something like sPvP instance making to WvW, or just add another 1-2 Arena areas in EoTM so GvG guilds can actually have an Arena without having to share it with every other GvG guild around. It's really annoying that right now we have to be stuck with 1 Arena when multiple GvG guilds want to do scrims, forcing guilds into 3-way scrims or worse... I know we have devs actively playing WvW, so please listen to the GvG community, we all want it to be easier to organize scrims without having to mess around with logging alts to create more instances and what not...

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On 4/14/2023 at 1:39 AM, Esufer.8762 said:

While they're at it, can they update the guild hall arena to actually use WvW stats and power coeffs? Not really sure on the justification for having full PVE balanced dueling anywhere in the game

Guild halls are because of how they split the game modes, GHs are in PvE so PvE balance. Best we have is the Armistice pass. 

Not holding my breath but a Alliance Hall would be cool, if you know, we get Alliances lmao

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