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Best profession for unranked arenas?


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I have been trying to figure out what to level next. I currently have a maxed out berserker, but usually in other MMOs, I will use a paladin for PvP. That being said, the guardian in this game does not seem very paladin'y if you know what I mean. 


Are there any players out there with any suggestions on what I should try? Usually I will try to aim for a more jack of all trades kind of style of melee class, one that can heal a little, dps a little, and tank a little. Not great at anything, but good enough to the point of being able to hold its own. 


The berserker is fun and all, does an insane amount of damage, but I need a pocket healer basically lol

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If you have the character slots, you should try every class since you can just do it right away with no downsides. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. 


That said based on your preferences I think you should try out Vindicator and Spellbreaker. They are good all-rounders and you can do a bit of everything from CC/team support, decent team fight damage, 1v1, access to mobility etc. (although they usually focus on/excel at roaming and duelling respectively) You could also try core Guardian and core Warrior, they are very simple to pick up and play while still being decent builds if you are new and would rather focus more on the fundamental stuff without the added mechanics and skills to worry about. 

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