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In game reporting?


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Arenanet is a garbage company, that's why. They don't want to ban the bots and occasional hackers because that would mean that they can't keep milking money from them.

Oh, but if you out these bots/hackers on the forum by name, you get banned.

I would quit this game just to not have anything to do with arenanet, but i'm already too invested. I'll just refrain from buying gems with real money.

Seriously, what game developer actively ignores the MYRIAD of bugs present in this game? There are so many that are YEARS old, but because there was no public outcry, arenanet doesn't bother to fix them. In-game reports are also a facade. Reporting bots doesn't do anything, reporting bugs doesn't do anything, and THERE ISN'T EVEN A REPORT BUTTON FOR HACKS LOL. Not that it matters anyway because they don't read the reports.

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in the league of legends, after reports, they give feedback to the maximum during the week that they took action, they give a bonus. in GW2 I wrote reports for afk farmers in pvp for months, I wrote reports on toxic people, it's useless.

streamers can stand in afk in pvp, where is it easier to check? no bans

in practice, they prevent Russian-speaking people from creating accounts for the game, politics is more important than maintaining order in the game.

the best thing anette can do is:
1) forget about politics, go completely into the development of the project (cancel discrimination)
2) remove afk and multiboxers from pvp
3) start doing something with reports
4) add feedback for reports (rather than ignore people)
5) I know those who bought the rating: they continue to play

what will happen in practice:
1) my post will be deleted
2) I will get banned

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