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Capacitive Bottle wont go in collection

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Hi, I have looked everywhere try to find a solution and I am at my wits end? So I am working on my first legendary, Bolt. I crafted the capacitive bottle and tonight I finished the energy bottle collection, however my Capacitive bottle will not go into the collection. I read about the glitch and the fix where you right click the bottle and "add to collection" but when I right click I don't get that option.

 I've gone and deleted the bottle, and bought another one but still the same problem.

 I have also tried to "send a ticket" on support, but everytime I click "send a ticket" it tells me to log in but when I click "Log In" it just refreshes the page I am on. So I am hoping someone from Arenanet see's this and can help me.

 I've been working for awhile on my first Legendary and I feel so close I can taste it, but tonight I complete the bottle collection and for this to happen. 😪

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