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fissure of woe


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2 hours ago, Junkpile.7439 said:

They have tier 1 population, but play in tier 5 or something because they can have like 5 small guilds in one maps who doesn't contribute anything.

They just got put into tier 5 with relinking. They'll climb to tier 1 again.

But ye, their discord is dead, pure cloud server.

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2 hours ago, Kranlor Greyhelm.8417 said:

Did anyone get what the OP was moaning about? I did ask, but all I got were insults via PM.


I'm assuming he got some body part handed to him and decided that the best response was a pram based toy delivery system that Santa would have been proud of.


But without any details, I'm just guessing.


Frankly, I am a little disappointed it wasn't about Deso, again.

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They are a cloudy server, not much community that I am aware off. Been linked with them recently and it was quite a boredom. Ppted into t1 which is annoying by itself and in all that time I havent seen any raid in their discord (probably the only larger server that I have no TS or discord channels from).

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