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Hardlight Weapons


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Love them, I liked them from day 1, but there's 1 think that prevents me from using them, the kitten color.

I've discussed this with many people, and most agree that it doesn't make sense to have such a great and thematic (for Holosmith) skin and make it pink. 

And I know some people will say that we have the oher SAB skins that cover blue/yellow/red but I dissagree. The other SAB skins are not the same, Hardlight wepon skins are a serious hologram while the others are totally inspired from SAB itself. And I get that Anet doesn't want dyable weapons, and they're unlikely to realease multiple versions of the exact same weapon skins, but it bugs me so much that it's the simplest think to do for the Hardlight wapons, it's all made of 1 color. it's literally a pallet swap of 1 color, and I'm positive that many people would appriciate it.

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9 minutes ago, Ashantara.8731 said:

But the Hardlight Weapons aren't purple, they are pink. :classic_huh:

Eh, if we want to be technical, they're magenta, which contains too much blue to be considered pink, but not quite enough that they become purple. 

Some people colloquially refer to magenta as either pink or purple. Same way we refer to cyan as blue. 

They still have orange/yellow as the complimentary color, so you can make a fashion work with Holosmith colors. 

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Purple can look pretty pink when it is light but saturated.

In theater lighting there’s a color gel named “surprise pink” that looks purple until you shine light through it.

Mesmer magic and some Asura magitech lives in this place where it can read pink or purple, and has a mix of hues when you look closely at it. I’ve spent some time trying to dye to coordinate with Mesmer magic and finding just the right magenta/purple colors is tricky.

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On 4/16/2023 at 9:51 PM, Kuma.1503 said:

I like the contrasting color they have with the usual Holosmith Yellow. Purple and yellow compliment well, so it's easy to make a fashion around it. 

I don't doubt that it's easy to make fashion about it, but having to adjust your whole aeshetic and fashion setup to match your weapons isn't often appealing.

I'm not saying for them to be compatible with phonton forge exclusively to change color based on heat level, that would be too much to ask for, plus it would make everyone else ask for class thematic weapons that go with the flow of their proffesion mechanic, and that sounds like too much work. 

As I said though, what bugs me the most with this is how easy it would be to make a weapon set like this dyeable or make it available in other colors, since it's only made up of only 1 color. And the name alone suggest what they are very specifically, because the only mention of (Hardlight) is for the Holosmith holographic weapon, and nowhere else. And the colors just throws it off completely.

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On 4/16/2023 at 9:38 PM, Buken.9762 said:

They are purple because they represent the purple baubles. 🙂 

I understand the idea, but as I said, although the come from SAB, the skins themselves are not inspired from it. Both the name and appearance are fully onboard with Holosmith hardlight weapons and exceed skills. So making them purple to represent valuable baubles from inside SAB just doesn't stick right. 

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16 hours ago, Duke Nukem.6783 said:

sounds like we could just let you dye weapons and solve this all

Unlikely to happen, but would be really nice.

I was just thinking about Lorekeeper weapons in combination with Foefire Armor recently. They'd go really well together, but the Lorekeeper gold glow would madate how one dyes the amor in order to sync them. Dye channels on the weapons would open up taking them several different directions.

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