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Looking for Australian/NZ based guild


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We are not Australia based, However, we are a NA guild that is primarily active around 8PM to 5AM EST! 

We have some Australians who have opted to join us for that reason 🙂


You are welcomed to join us as well if you wish! 

We are The Nightmare of Shadowed Thorns [MIST], feel free to add me on discord, or join the discord server to ask for an invite 🙂



KenoZuki The Grey Soldier#1745


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Hey Twit, we're a mix of Aus and NZ, very casual as only ANZACs can be, I'll toss you our blurb and you can see what you think.....
(Love the name though)

[na] [18+] Shrieking Quokkas has been around for a year and a half and thankfully we don't have any long term cliques and so far no overinflated egos (we do try to keep the toxic diehard types to a minimum). We don't have any big joining requirements, no forms to fill out or interviews to sit, just jump into Discord and have a chat, see what you think of us and let us know you want an invite. Any of our members can send guild invites so you don't have to wait for the obligatory 'officer' to be online.
Guild activity is similar. it's best to get to know people first but once you are known it's not hard to have others jump on something you want to run. There's a decent mix of interest in game we're running both experienced and training Fractals, Strikes, and Dungeons. Not to mention Guild Missions and general Idiocy.  Anything you want to do just give a shout and people are likely to jump on board for the fun of it, we're very easygoing and more than happy to tag along on what you're doing in order to procrastinate on what we should be (coughskyscalecough).

Timezones are split between SEA and US times, a lot of voice happens in US daytimes. We'd really love to see Aussie evenings get busier, more people equals more fun right? Besides the founders/Guild Leaders are in Oz and we adore company, need more Aussies.
It's not mandatory except for guild activities but we'd like to see voice get busier because it's a great space to toss ideas about, even for guild events you don't need to speak, only be able to hear whoever is running things for instructions. We don't insist on repping either, again except for Guild group activities, it's really your choice though it's great when people do so we can drop in on the yellow dots on the map and say hi.
We like to help and brainstorm ideas but we don't mind if you take or leave our advice, you'll likely get 3 different opinions anyway and it's always interesting to see what works for each person. We have found everyone plays the game their own way, we even have an insane group of people who like PvP and WvW.

As for why Quokkas? ........... well drop into our Discord and we'll tell you all about them

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