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Stack Gifts of battle in bank.


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Hi - a WvW noob here ! 


I intend to work on legendaries - after I open up all maps. However, I wanted to start WvW (completely new here) in order to collect Gifts of battle. These, I believe, are required in multiple legendaries. 


So I wanted to know if I could stack these in the bank since getting precursors and the other materials is going to take some time for me. Or will I have to dedicate 1 bank slot / Gift. I dont wanna run out of bank space. Its very limited for me (recent bought a couple more and am filling them quick). 


The other option is just to play WvW as soon as Im ready to make the legendary. Which would be a pity since If I enjoy the game mode, id like to play more of it. 

Any insights ? 

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