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Fulgur Auri [Auri] (NA) Sanctum of Rall (wvw/pvp/endgame/teaching)

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We are a small and organized fighting guild. We love teaching. New players are welcomed. Polite community.

Our small size is our best feature:
- You will be known and recognized by each member, there are no inner circles, our ranking system is based on participation only, so every member is equal.
- We have a webpage where we display each member, we have the option for members to upload and selfpromote their content in our webpage. We know each one of us is unique and has accomplished important milestones, we use the webpage to track each player's progress and leave testimony of their adventures.  
- Members also have the option to be evaluated at their fighting skills and we keep record of their progression
- Every member is asked to participate at least once per week, so we avoid becoming a ghosts guild.

What differentiates us from other fight teaching guilds: 
- All our teachings are focused on your own growth and development as a player
- We dont want to tell you what to play, we give you the theory and we help you test that theory and any of your own ideas
- We dont give short answers we want you to have a great understanding of each game aspect.
- We have guides and lot of content oriented for real players learning, we wont lie to you with fake expectations
- We guarantee no matter your fighting style preference, you will have a place in our squad, and we will help you be highly proficient at it.

We thrive for excellence and fun
- We want you to have fun and we have guild activities that are relaxed and low effort. We also have high effort activities in endgame in which we will expect your top performance, we have practice sessions to help you reach that level of excellence

If you want to reach us you can find us in

You can join our discord in

Or you can reach me (guild leader) ingame:
ElectRic Raikou.8349

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