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Could I please know if I'm facing a duo or greater group?


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Duo's and other premades tend to play differently.  And if you are not going to give me the choice to select not to be matched against them (which should very much be a thing) then at least for the love of god let me know which of my opponents have the advantage of being in a pre-made with each other.


NOTE: vastly preferable would be a check box which says "I agree to be placed in matches where I might face a group larger than the group I am in".   IN the case of a solo Q'er, this would ensure I am only matched against solo Q ers.  I get that I might have to wait longer for my match, but at least I could have matches on a little fairer ground.


It sucks to play against someone super pro level, who is duo-ing with another super-pro's alt currently at 1350 MMR so that they can get matched against inferior opponents.  Averaging of MMR's in a duo Q should not be allowed.  IF you absolutely have to allow Duo Q ing (till you implement my idea above), then at the least use the higher player in the Duo's MMR for both members of the Duo.


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