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Is Magic Find broken for some accounts after the MF update last year?

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Hey there,



I remember last year there was some vague update to Magic Find, I believe it was back in February.

For me personally, stuff has stopped dropping since around that moment. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

As an example, I've been doing Tequatl and Drakkar every day for a long time now, along with some friends.

Before 2022, the Hoards that drop from these bosses dropped every 2-3 months on average. (that's about once every 60-90 days).

But as of 2022, these have stopped dropping for me. As my friends are still dropping them every now and then, it's weird (and really annoying..) I haven't seen one in almost 1.5 year. That's about 450 runs.


I've already contacted support but they said "it's working as intented" and directed me to the forums.


Does anyone know what might have been updated? Or do you also have this issue? Or perhaps some tips?




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23 minutes ago, Mystical.4586 said:

As an example, I've been doing Tequatl and Drakkar

MF never had an influence on world boss drops, as it does only influence direct mob drops and only a few special containers, but never the ones from WBs .
From the wiki:

With a few exceptions, it does not affect containers (including champion loot bags), chests, Meta events (including World boss Events), or any other source of loot besides direct drops.[2][3] These special items are affected by magic find:

I would say you are just experiencing the instability of randomness, which always has luckier and unluckier phases.

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