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Guesting for WvW is not working

Trevor Boyer.6524

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8 hours ago, Trevor Boyer.6524 said:

I went to guest from NSP to FA today so I could play & stream with my buddy.

100% sure I did everything correctly as I read the wiki several times and attempted the guest twice.

It did not work. After guesting, it only shows my normal map selections and no, FA is not currently merge into NSP matches.


World - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)

Guesting: Guesting allows you to temporarily change your associated world, thus affecting one of the factors affecting which instance you are placed in. Players are not allowed to play for a different team in World versus World or to guest from NA to EU or vice versa.

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Just as the others said, Guesting was a system intended exclusively for PvE-purposes. 

It is a leftover from the time, where we didn´t have megaservers, and every world was a seperate Server in PvE as well. 

It was a tool meant to allow players (e.g. friends) from different servers to play PvE together by temporarily playing in the PvE-world of a different server. Even back then, you were NOT able to temporarily join their WvW-team. 

Of course, with the introduction of megaservers, this system became obsolete and does nothing anymore. But for some reason (or proably, no reason at all) ANet never removed it from the game. 

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