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More help with the r-Trons

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Having purchased the Reap-r-Tron, Log-r-Tron, and Mine-r-Tron,  the next step is to get them working.    Not as easy as you'd think.   (Background: I've played 10 years,  have 3 accounts, 20 something characters, mostly level 80,  and a good working knowledge of the game).


I set them up with whatever my glyph du jour was, and went to work on gathering runs.    I didn't expect to get a comment each gather,  so that was not the problem.     The quip would appear over the characters head, in an oval ring with a curved arrow pointing to the r-Tron,  like a comic book.  So I knew when it should have spoken it's sayings,  but  about half the time sound worked fine and half the time it did not play.


I checked all sound settings and all were set to 75%.   I even turned the music on,  just to see if it had any effect.   Nope,  as I expected.


In two different character's  gathering runs through Lake Doric,  I got  11 spoken sayings per 21 written "talks" on the screen,  and 9 for 20 the 2nd pass.     Enough to know something was amiss with the sound.  


However,  running through my Home Instance,  using all 3 r-Trons,  I got 100%,  (visible sayings were also spoken all of the time.   Ditto for the run down my guild's major league harvesting run.


Does anyone have any ideas as to why some runs miss about 1/2 the sounds per the r-Tron's visibly talking?


I'm guessing the game has a lag problem on sounds, vs my connectivity having a problem but am unsure.   I'll collect more data until I have we get a better idea


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"Make sure you turn your sound quality all the way up, "

Yes, it has been.  Also, sounds enabled by the pulldowns are set to ALL.


The sound is either really good, or completely silent when the voice messages go onscreen.   I believe it's a system conflict issue of which there are several in the game.   I just didn't know sound was affected by it.

In fights, for instance, you won't miss a sound that you didn't know was going to happen,  but in this case the voice being printed on the screen cues you that something is missing sound wise. 


The player's character is constantly chats away when gathering, and I thought perhaps it was just conflicting with the r-Trons, but I've never seen an instance of that.    None of the missing r-Tron's chats occur when the player itself is chatting away about what just got gathered.




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