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Power damage is interesting


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5 hours ago, prototypedragon.1406 said:

https://youtu.be/Ne8B8K213MU by power I don't mean in terms of full on berserker but just power as a stat itself.

Something like this? I know that the HP is too high in that link relative to your video, so did you have a couple of pieces of berserker gear? Also, not sure on the rune, but Vampirism is a favorite of mine on higher HP builds.

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6 minutes ago, prototypedragon.1406 said:

Nah just a mixture of soldiers with clerics with trooper runes . I'm just kinda laughing at the power damage to be honest 😂 hitting 400's to 800s when back in the day with tankier builds 1500,s and 2,000's were alot more common

Defense creep! Still, though I bet that FB took some time to self-reflect their loss after so many 400-800 damage hits.

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