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[NA/INT][PvE] haHAA Tribe [haHA] FAMILY FRIENDLY community is recruiting!


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haHAA Tribe [haHA] is a new-ish (currently level 27) "family friendly" international guild based in the NA server, looking for casual-active players who are willing to learn/help out/have fun! We primarily engage in PvE content. Both newbies and veterans are welcome to join us.
Our main rules: use English | don't be rude | keep things family friendly (aka PG).

What we offer:

  • a family friendly environment
  • a casual atmosphere
  • an active (boosted) discord server
  • experienced players who are willing to guide newbies
  • Lost Precipice guild hall

What we do as a guild: (depending on how many are interested)

  • fractals
  • weekly guild missions
  • fractal/raid training

If you are interested to join, or have any questions, feel free to message me on discord @ Syrethyst#8873.
Our recruiters (contact in-game): Amias.7580 / Ohlgrist.9724 / Syrethyst.8096 / Tormelina.9265 / Torren.3701 / Vyrien.6814 / xLeo.3027

A little background on our guild ^.^ We are part of a larger gaming community founded on 15/02/2018 (in a different game) with an active discord where we hang out, play other games (we have guilds in Dead Maze & Warframe), have movie streams, events, etc. Our GW2 guild was created in 2022!
(no, we are not related to the meme)

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Current guild level: 42
Our updated recruiters list: Amias.7580 / MaraStar.8275 / Mirai.1578 / Ohlgrist.9724 / Sudreistya.6725 / Syrethyst.8096 / Tormelina.9265 / Torren.3701 / Vyrien.6814 / xLeo.3027

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